What clients are saying about Starting Line Fitness:

"Dwayne pushes you to stretch yourself to raise your fitness level. Varies the routine regularly to keep it interesting. Knows what to work on when I don't. Works not only to address your physical fitness but your mental fitness as to reduce the fears/excuses/anxiety that keeps you from addressing your health concerns."

Dora L. 57 Retired Marketing Exec

"Dwayne is very well educated, actually knows important things about how the human body works, has experience in physical therapy (huge plus), is really smart, came recommended by my well-trusted chiropractor, and doesn't try to sell me on stupid nutritional fads or supplement bullshit that other trainers are too dumb to see through. I also like that he understands what it's like to be an actual person with a work-life balance, not a gym rat."

Nikki L., 44 Healthcare Communications

"Dwayne is a top trainer who appears to constantly research the best fitness techniques, Dwayne is intelligent, thoughtful, and fun to be with. The workouts he prepares for me are just the right challenge for a woman my age and physical ability; I don't worry about getting hurt, only improving. He creates new and often fun programs that obviously work out multiple body parts all at once. Efficient and effective. Simply put, he's the best and my body show it. "

Nicole H., 57 Executive

I have been working with Dwayne over the last 2 years, trying to improve my strength and get into better shape. Overall I couldn’t be happier with my training experience and, most importantly, the results! I am definitely in better shape and stronger than I’ve ever been. Dwayne always pushes me hard and challenges me - there’s no slacking in our sessions! But he also makes sure I’m doing things with the best possible form and being safe. He’s highly knowledgeable and motivating and I highly recommend him.
— Kerry F.
Dwayne has been a savior for my nine year old son! My son has a very weak core and it was affecting him at school. He had trouble sitting upright at his desk and when sitting the floor for his daily meetings. He needed training to build up his strength and stamina. Dwayne quickly identified his weakness and created a fun yet challenging workout. Dwayne was able to connect with my son immediately. He looks forward to his workouts and has made fantastic improvements at school.
— Kristine S.