Bringing Sexy Back



A couple of weeks ago, I had someone suggest a topic they thought would be good for me to write about. This is much appreciated as topics can be hard to come up with. Here's the message she sent:Like I said this was sent a couple of weeks ago and I'm just now getting to writing about it. It's not that I don't/didn't think it was a good topic, quite the opposite actually. Especially since the vast majority of my clients are women who are either soon to be fifty (in a year or two) or are older than 50. It took me so long because of a couple of issues:

  1. I'm not over 50 or 40 for that matter

  2. I am not a woman

These issues could potentially make it very easy to give very bad advice on this topic. So I'm not going to give any advice. I will share some opinions on the matter and try very hard not to put my foot in my mouth.

  • I'll start with the actual training part because that's where I'm most comfortable. The training would be easy to figure out. I would write a program that looks like most other programs. The key here (and as always) would be fitting it into the client's life, making it simple enough that she can get through it consistently and with as few disruptions as possible. The consistency will lead to results which will build confidence. More on this later.

  • Men have these same insecurities. While we would probably never be as open about it, it is important to realize that. So the playing field is level. I think knowing both parties are uncomfortable in the situation, can make the situation more comfortable. I realize how oxymoronic that sounds. Just believe me when I say most men aren't in a rush to get naked either.

  • Sexy is not how you look. Sexy is something you project. So I mentioned confidence earlier. I think confidence is the key here. Confident women are sexy women. You can gain confidence many different ways: do good work (at work or at home), do something you've never done before, the list could go on. The thing is when you do these things you have to realize you are a badass for doing them (the lady that wrote that book should throw we a kickback).

That's where the consistency comes in. When you train for and complete a marathon (as mentioned in the text) you realize the time and effort you put into it. As a result as you're walking around for the next few days with the medal they always give after completing a marathon you're oozing with confidence.Again, to be clear, I'm not saying every woman should go out and train for a marathon in order to feel sexy.I'm saying people (women and men) should consistently practice something (can be anything). They should consciously try to make progress at that thing. Then when they do make progress they should wear it with pride just like they would a marathon medal. That's sexy.