Selfishness > Selflessness

When is comes to your health and fitness anyway. This sounds harsh but it's true.

Now before I go on, I just want to say I'm not a selfish jerk. Actually, if you ask me, I'm a pretty swell guy.

I'm telling you this because I'm such a swell guy and I want to see you be successful reaching your goals. The biggest reason ("reason" is a nice word for excuse) people give for why they can't work out is time: they have to work, they have to pick up/drop off the kids, they have social events and so on.  Here's the thing though: TIME IS FINITE!

People treat time as though one day they're going to wake up and all of a sudden they'll have more of it. So are you going to quit your job? Willing to dump your friends? Giving up the kids for adoption? These are the only ways you'll gain more time. 

Now like I said, I'm a swell guy so I would never advise you to give up those things. They are important to you and you (hopefully) derive joy from them. But....

You are going to have to say "no" to some of these things some of the time. 

(This is the part where I say something cliché about "me time" but....actually that's exactly what I'm going to do.)

Listen statements and phrases get to be cliché because there is/was truth and usefulness in them. You do need "me time". You can't keep coming in fourth (to the three examples I've used) and expect to make any progress towards your goals. 

And to be clear, I get it. It's hard to tell people no. Especially when they are people that you like and love. Well that's exactly why you should tell them no. You want to give those that you love your best. That means you have to take/make time to take care of yourself.

So when it's between you and your significant other to drop off the kid a practice sometimes you're going to have to put your foot down and say "no you do it, I have to go to the gym." The great thing is if your relationship is where it needs to be then they'll understand and even be supportive. 

If the relationship is not where it's needs to be, well that's another blog post.