I Got Ghosted...

A couple of weeks ago a lady reached out to me on Facebook. She commented on something I posted about the 28 Day Challenge. Turns out she wanted to set up training in person. We spoke on the phone and set up an appointment for the very next day. 

The next day she ended up canceling about 45 minutes before we were going to meet; something about a contractor and tiles. Whatever. That was the week of 4th of July. I've reached out a couple different times and offered various times that we could meet. Basically I never heard back. 

This happens often. People will initiate the conversation and then when it's time to meet they disappear.

I'll keep following up with her for a while and we'll still be Facebook friends. So she'll keep hearing from me. I might not ever hear from her again.

So what happened? Here's what I think...reaching out and starting the conversation is the first step. I'm sure it's it's not an easy step. I post about challenges and other fitness stuff pretty much everyday. I have no idea how long she's been reading my posts or what made her reach out that particular day.

I know people always talk about the first step being the hardest but in this case I disagree. Here the first step is kind of abstract. It's just talking. The next step is the tough one. This is the step where you actually have to do something. You have to go and do the work. Work that you probably haven't been doing or haven't been doing well. And you have to do that work with someone you don't know well (yet). It's understandably intimidating. 

I said I might not ever hear from her again. Here's what will probably happen: she'll comment on something I post again. It'll start this process over again. It might actually happen two or three more times before she takes the next step to actually meet up for a session.