You work hard, Labor Day is yours

Happy Labor Day!

A day brought to us by the workforce that represents the backbone of the economy. This might be the holiday that truly represents the most people in the country. Most of us work, and work hard, to support ourselves and our families. So this day is truly for us. 


Today is not the day to be obsessed with your diet and/or workout. Today should be about enjoying time with your friends and family not laboring. 

This doesn't mean you get to go crazy like a kid with no self control. It means you shouldn't feel guilty while you're having your burger/hot dog and a beer or two. Oh and if you want to eat dessert, go for it. You've worked too hard not too. 

My point here is, Labor Day is a holiday and holidays are meant to be celebrated. I can't remember the exact number but there are only about 10 national holidays on the calendar.

That's about 10 out of 365. Believe me the other 355 matter a whole lot more!

So that being said I'll be enjoying a burger with American cheese and a hot dog with mustard as I don't do anymore work for the rest of the day.