NOW is The Time

A couple of weeks ago I told you this time around Labor Day isn't the best time to begin a new health and/or fitness routine. You can check that out hereif you haven't already. 

Well now we're a week post Labor Day. By now you should have an idea of what your schedule is going to look like for the rest of the year. This is important. Now is when you should be figuring out when you're going to be hitting the gym. 

Again, this is important.It's important because if you don't budget this gym time now, you're never going to have it later. 

Now the sooner you can start and implement this new schedule, including gym time, the better. The longer you wait to get started the harder it's going to be. Each day that passes, without you going to the gym, cements that routine (of not going to the gym) more and more. 

So in the other post, I was urging you to take your time and plan and prepare for the stress that comes with 'back to school' and the unofficial end of summer. 

Now I'm telling you to ACT.Go to the gym. Take that class you've been wanting to try. Do something, anything. You're not going to find the thing you love the first trip or possibly even the seventh.

Go anyway. Keep going. 

Don't wait for the perfect situation because it won't come. Get started now.

I guess now is the perfect time to tell you the next round of my 28 Day Challenge begins a week from today on the 16th! This challenge is for anyone who is looking for accountabilitywhile losing weightand getting stronger. 

When you join this challenge you'll get workouts & nutrition advice designed to fit into your life. You'll also get a bunch of other bonuses that will help you get started living the healthy fit life you want to live. 

To sign up for the challenge, just click this link